Breitbart executive chairman Steve Bannon received P2P (pay to play) funds from conservative organizations to run conservative political news stories. A non-profit organization located in Tallahassee, Florida, paid U$376,000 to Bannon over a period of four years while he was leading Breitbart news.


The news website has been criticized for it's alt-right content and was widely embraced by the ultra conservative American community who finds themselves at odds with the republican party. The contents drawing criticism range from articles fermenting religious and racial discussions, to discriminatory immigration policies and criticism of liberals and moderate republicans.

The non-profit organization at the center of the scandal is called "government accountability institute", and was also found to pay salaries to two other journalists totaling U$1,3 million.

Political influence

Breitabart news is largely blamed for creating disfavorable views on the democratic party and affecting Hillary Clinton's campaign negatively. The charity is also accused of taking advantage of tax laws. The Washington post is also named as one of the media outlets used by the institute. Bannon relationship with trump started as his campaign manager, and is now named chief strategist and senior counselor for the upcoming Trump presidency. Many Americans were outraged over the president-elect's pick for chief strategist.

Reports have recently emerged accusing Bannon of encouraging discrimination and ultra conservative views.

Trump defends Bannon

Bannon served in the military for seven years, and later worked as a investment banker for Goldman Sachs. In 1990 he founded a boutique investment bank specialized in media. In his rise to becoming a top Trump counselor, he was accused of providing xenophobic, racist misogynist material catering to the alt-right community.

His ex wife accuses him of been a anti-Semitic. Trump has defended him, telling a New York Times reporter “If I thought he was a racist or alt-right or any of the things, the terms we could use, I would’t even think about hiring him”.