Celebrities have rallied around Leslie Jones after she quits Twitter due to vile racist abuse.

The comedian has experienced weeks of racism through Twitter since the remake of Ghostbusters, in which she stars as subway worker Patty Tolan, was released.

Whilst many have been critical of the all-female remake, Jones has received particularly negative attention due to her race.

After being targeted with unrelenting racism, Jones decided to "expose" her trollsby retweeting their messages, which included likening Jones to apes and abhorrent racial slurs.

She has since been greeted with a wealth of support from fans and celebrities alike with the #LoveForLeslieJ hashtagtrending on twitter.

Original Ghostbusters star Dan Akyroyd, who plays Ray Stantz in the 1984 film, has leapt to the defence of Jones branding her trolls nothing but "insignificant gnats."

Director of the new reboot, Paul Feig directly tweeted Jones a heartfelt tweet, reminding her that "she did nothing to deserve this. The internet is filled with good people but there are a few pieces of shit out there."

Scandal star, Kerry Washington also tweeted her support for the actress.

"Wow. Yet another example HURT PEOPLE. HURT PEOPLE", she tweeted. "Intolerable trolling. So much ignorance & hate. I Stand with #LeslieJones #LoveforLeslieJ".

Emmy awarding winning actress Viola Davis expressed solidarity with Jones, posting an image of the actress and referring to her as "sis."

Fellow comedian, Amy Schumer warned that Jones "will be back with a vengeance" and praised her strength, beauty and hilarious nature.

She was not alone in this opinion, with Jane Lynch retweeting her and adding a simple "Love for @Lesdoggg".

Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick chose not to give the trolls any more attention opting instead to focus on Jones' recent success.

James Corden, Olivia Munn and Elizabeth Banks followed suit and kept their tweets focused purely on their love for Jones.

Many celebrities took to Twitter to lambast her trolls and Twitter's treatment of the racist abuse.

Former Disney child star ofWizards of Wavery Place,Jake T.

Austin expressed his upset at how celebrities are treated on Twitter. "Twitter used to be a safe place for celebs & fans to interact", he writes, "but the way that it's been used against @Lesdogg is disgusting and hateful."

Chrissy Teign shared similar views directly tweeting Twitter urging them to take action.