We are living in strange times indeed. One cannot phantom the existence of guns in a school parking lot, forget a firing incident. Thus the Shooting inSan Francisco's June Jorden School for Equity which happened around 3.20 pm according to the sources, created a lot of chaos. The students inside the school were horrified and the teachers apparently had to literally shove them inside classrooms to keep them safe. The teachers and the school staff also made sure they did everything they could to prevent this shooting become a mass massacre. Both the teachers and the students inside the classroom feared in the half hour of the chaos that their school was really being hit by a shooting massacre.

At least six firing pops were heard by the school officials as per online reports.

The shooter is still out on the loose

The school shares its parking lot with the City Arts and reports suggest that several rounds of shots were fired towards a group of students who had gathered in the parking lot situated in the campus. As soon as the police arrived on the scene, the school was put into a lock-out and nobody was allowed to then leave or enter the school. The police then went on to search every classroom for the shooter but realized that the shooter had probably left the premises before they even arrived.At least one gunman is said to be involved in the shooting, the probability of multiple gunman’s involvement is not yet ruled out completely.

The ones who were shot include a girl who was shot in upper side of her body and suffered life endangering injuries and two males who were shot in the lower side of their bodies and suffered non dangerous wounds. The fourth victim’s injuries status is yet unknown.

School to reopen on Wednesday with grief counselling

According to the online reports police suspect that at least one of the students was the target while others were hit by the bullets at in frenzy. The school was supposed to be opened on Wednesday and is said to be providing grief counseling and extra security to its students post the incident.