Guinness World Recordholding Panda, Jia Jia was declared officially amazing in July this year when she was recognized as achieving the status of oldest Panda in the world and oldest known Panda in captivity anywhere. SBS reported on the sad news that the 37-year-old Panda died in Hong Kong at Ocean Park after officialsdecided that it would be kinder to euthanize her through ill health.

Guinnesshelped to celebrate Jia Jia's 37th birthday

On 28 July, the Guardian told us that Jia Jia was presented with a special cake made of fruit and ice in recognition of her amazing achievement.

Blythe Ryan Fitzwilliams of Guinness World Records said that her achievement was amazing as in human terms Jia Jia was over 100 years old. The lovely lady was a captive taken from the wild in the attempts byconservationists to try and prevent the total extinction of her species. Her original home was inSichuan, China.

During her birthday celebrations, it was explained that she was starting to have difficulty moving around butVet Paola Martelli also pointed out that she was sleeping more, and was suffering from cataracts and high blood pressure. He put this down to a normal aging process.

Jia Jia was born wild in 1978

SBS reported that she had been given to Ocean Park in Hong Kong in 1999 to celebrate the handing over of the island to China after the end of colonial rule.

Over the weekend, Ocean Park posted a statement on their Website saying that Jia Jia had almoststopped eating. She would usually munch her way through about 10kg of bamboo but was only managing about 3kg. Loss of fluids was also a big problem as she stopped drinking and just spent most her days lying down.

The old lady panda was getting debilitated

Veterinarians decided that she had become so "debilitated" that it would be kinder to euthanizethe old lady as she was suffering. Millions of people had seen the Panda over during the years of her captivity as the Ocean Park is a popular destination. The park boasts about 80 attractions, including an aqua-park,rainforest, multiple thrill rides and theirAmazing Asian Animals enclosures.

Ocean park criticized for orca shows

Ocean Park has been criticized in the past for holding orcas in captivity and for presenting shows with them. Ocean Park is careful to explain that their Pandas are used for breeding as there are reportedly only about 2000 Pandas left in the world. Captive animals are less and less popular these days, so the Park made a videoto educatevisitors on how their team cares for the animals.

Jia Jia filmed in her enclosure

YouTuber duckielatook a video of Jia Jia about five years ago and posted it up. The voices in the background indicate she was a popular attraction at the park.