I don’t think anything is more important than the safety of our children. We never like to live in a city where the street crimes, murders, gang rapes, and child abuses are common. A city is said to be safe if it has the least number of offenders per capita, the Institute for Economics and Peace claims. Luckily, in the US there are many peaceful and safe cities. So, if you have taken the decision to move to this wonderful country, don’t forget to check out these cities which the Institute for Economics and Peace name as the most suitable.

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Burlington, Vermont

Burlington, Vermont is one of the most amazing cities, thanks to its low crime rate and least number of sex offenders. In fact, the entire Vermont state earns a good rank in the Institute for Economics and Peace index for being peaceful.

Some of its other towns that are suitable for a family residence include Maine and New Hampshire. In Burlington, the police officers are very active as their mobile teams operate day and night making sure that the murder rates, kidnappings, and violent crimes are reduced to a great extent. It is very important for us to buy a home in a safe place. This is the reason the security professionals at the FBI ensure public safety in this state.

Lewisboro Town, New York

This town in northern New York - Lewisboro, is one of the safest and most Peaceful Cities. Amazingly, it has almost no violent crime. The Institute for Economics and Peace index clarifies that this is a city where only one person out of two thousand becomes the victim of an offense. Initiatives were put in place for protecting pedestrians from the street crime.

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Also, this place is wonderful for children and working women because there are few offenders.

Wayland, Massachusetts

Famous for the first ever public library, Wayland in Massachusetts is an ideal destination for foreigners who have plans to reside in the US permanently. This small city is famous for keeping up with the tradition of educating every resident about fire safety and street crime. Yes, it is true - everyone here has to participate in the Student Awareness Program that aims to develop understanding among the locals about how to take measures in case of a blaze.

Washington Township, New Jersey

New Jersey is an ideal and peaceful place, but Washington Township has no comparison. This city is the best example of what happens when the people cooperate with the local government to get rid of criminals. The community services in this area encourage people to come to the fore and play a vital role in the wellness of their community. In this particular area, no cases of drug abuse and domestic violence have ever been reported. Over the years, people have developed a great sense of maintaining peace within their towns.