The alleged owner of the world’s biggest torrent website Kickass Torrents has been arrested by US authorities under US criminal charges. He is a Ukrainian and was arrested on Wednesday for being accused of distributing over a whooping $1 Billion worth movies, music and other copyrighted materials.

Kickass Torrent owner in trouble

The US department of Justice also revealed a complaint against Artem Vaulin who is aged 30 and resides in Kharkiv Ukraine. Apparently he was arrested earlier in Poland and was being wanted by the authorities for money laundering and copyright infringement along with a many other charges.

KAT torrents is worlds 69th popular website

Vaulin is alleged to be Kickass Torrent’s ringleader and is charged with running the website for illegally distributing copyrighted content. Interestingly Kickass Torrents is world’s 69th most visited website in the top 100 list of most popular websites. In the most recent of popular torrents, the website allowed its users to download Captain America: Civil War and Finding Dory on the very next day or two of its official release.

KAT as it is popularly known is a website which not only distributes movies, music and mobile applications, television shows illegally but also video games and books. Kickass Torrent has recently grown enormously leaving behind even Pirate Bay and others in its league to become the number one source of pirate media online.

Vaulin in an attempt to keep away from the legalities relied on his servers located across countries and used to regularly even move the domain due to consecutive lawsuits and copyright infringement complaints.

Apple provided the clues for arrest

The US authorities are looking forward to seal his bank account and all seven of his domain names.

Reports claim that the authorities got to know his whereabouts and could track him through the data provided by Apple relating to his iCloud account.

Kickass Torrent’s value is estimated to be of a mammoth $54 millions and its annual revenue from advertising alone stands to around $12.5 to $22.3 million. KAT was earlier blocked in Britian, Ireland and Italy but it moved its domain and the website had sprung back into action.