The beach themed party was being held in a Florida nightclub, when gunshots coming from outside the partying place provoked panic. The parents of the young attendants at the party had parked their cars and were waiting for their children to come out of the club when shots from the outside caused the death of two youngsters. And at least 16 more people between the ages of 12-27 were injured.

The shooting

This fatal incident occurred very eearly-12:00 a.m., on Monday July 25 outside of the Club Blu Bar in Fort Myers, Florida. The teen agers had just had a beach party inside the club and were getting ready to leave the club when the shooting took place.

Although the Police have not disclosed how many shots were fired, it was found that the front of the club was covered by signs of the shootings. According to a witness, the place turned into chaos and there was people running across the street.

Suspects of this crime

There is very scarce clues to the suspects of this attack. The only possible suspect was detained in an intersection not too far from the club. This person supposedly was involved in a shooting in that area. Three other suspect are being held into custody, supposedly related to this attack. The police are still looking for clues in the place of the scene and think they can obtain more clues regarding this crime.

Minors and adults at the party

According to a flier posted on Facebook, the beach party was announced as; ¨Swim Suit glow Party, ¨ and there was no requirement for an ID in order to attend it. That is why people between the ages of 12 and in their 20s and possibly 30s had attended it. After the shooting, the management of the club stated that they had provided safety during the event and that they were sorry for the evolution of it into a night time tragedy.

According to police, the shooting in Fort Myersis not related to any terrorist group or organization. At this time, three people are in custody undergoing investigations, however, they´re only described as ¨persons of interest.¨ the police thinks that, they will be able to further investigate on this crime in the near future.