Siberian tigers attacked two women after they got out of their cars in Wildlife Park in Beijing, China. This all happened in a wildlife park in Beijing, China where tourists are allowed to drive in their vehicles in a wildlife park. They´re recommended to never stepped out of their car, thus, avoiding the dangers of being attacked by wild Animals. Recently, Siberian tigers at the park attacked a woman when she imprudently stepped out of her car.

How the attack occurred

According to a news report, a tiger snatched a woman after she left her place in a car while touring a wildlife park in Beijing on Saturday.

Seconds after, a second tier jumped on another woman who got out of the same car, intending to help the first woman. Both of these people were dragged away from the driving grounds of the park and into the tiger´s premises.

The local authorities in the Yanqing district confirmed that the wild tiger´s attack had taken place at the park, which is situated at the lower slopes of the Great Wall they disclosed minimal details about the incident; however, they reported one of the victims in stable condition and said that she was being treated from animal injuries.

The attack

A line of vehicles can be seen driving on one venue of the wildlife park at slow speed. A woman steps out of the passenger side of a white car and walks around through the front side of the car, probably to exchange place with the driver of the car.

When she reached the driver´s side of the car, the door is already opened, but she does not get in immediately, in less than three seconds, a tiger grabs her by the arm and drags her away from the car, the person who’s in the driver´s seat, gets out of the car and goes after her, then another person get out of the same car and

In this wildlife park, visitors are permitted to drive their own vehicles around the park; however, they´re prohibited to step out of them while in the park.

A woman who was contacted at the park refused to comment on the attack, stating only that the park remained close for two days due to predictions of heavy rain.

In many cities, there are some parks where wild animals can be seen from inside vehicles. In these wildlife parks, people are forbidden from leaving their vehicles, thus exposing themselves to the dangers of possible animal attacks. Special attention to Children is placed in this kinds of parks, as there have been incidents where children have beenput at risk due to oversights.