A man in Florida, US shot a gun to a car with two teenagers inside after they drove a white car inside this man´s house driveway. The two youngsters were trying to catch Pokémon creatures on Saturday morning. The man armed himself gun after he noticed noises out of his home. Nobody was injured due to this incident; however, he threw some shots at the white vehicle. He is under investigation and could be charged for this incident.

Blame it on Pokemon

According to the Sheriffs Department in Flagger County, Florida, a man was awaken by some loud noises outside of his house.

When he came out of his house, he saw a white car parked on his driveway. He grabbed an pistol and approached the car. When got near the car, he hear someone say, ¨Did you get anything?¨ he positioned himself in front of the car and demanded the occupants not to move, but the car began to move forward. That´s when the man fired some shots at the car and its occupants.

No charges yet

The police did not take notice of the incident until about 8 hours later when one of the teen agers told his parents that they had been shot while playing Pokémon go. This is the time when the mother of one of the teen agers called the police and told them about the terrible episode. The incident is still under investigation and the home owner has not been put charges on him.

The police are also investigating if the youngsters trespassed into the man´s property while chasing Pokémon go creatures.

This is the first time that someone shots at players of Pokémon. Even though, people have been warned about the hazards of playing the game, they have been intensively immersed by the app that they often forget about the dangers.

some places, have banned pokemon go players to search for creatures in their premises, including synagogues and temples.

Pokémon go

This is an augmented reality game in which the players search for Pokémon creatures with their smartphones. The game enables payers to capture and train virtual Pokémon creatures who appear on the screens of smartphones as if they were in the real world.

The game makes use of GPS and the camera of an iPhone, Android or any other compatible device. The app for this game was launched in July and has had tremendous success with millions of downloads from the Play Store and google play.

Pokemon go has beat all records and has become the most played game in the history of the US.