While on his way back to the Vatican in Rome from his Mexico tour, Pope Francis questioned billionaire Donald Trump’s Christianity in regard to his immigration views.

Even though he criticized the presidential hopeful, pope Francis kept off American politics, categorically stating that he did not want to advise the catholic believers in America on whom to vote for and whose candidature they should reject.

‘As per the gospel teachings, Christians should be keen on building bridges and not walls to block immigrants’. Pope Francis stated in a thin veiled attack on Republican Donald Trump who has vowed to build a wall between America and Mexico should he be elected U.s president

A seemingly angry Mr Trump in a quick rejoinder replied the Pope saying that he (the pope) will certainly wish and pray that he (trump) was president if Vatican is attacked by ISIS.

Mr.Trump thus said: "If and when the Vatican shall come under attack by the ISIS, which as anyone can guess is ISIS's ultimate goal, I can bet that the Pope would have only wished and prayed that I (Donald Trump) would have been the American president.

‘It is disgraceful for a religious leader of the pope’s stature to question people’s faith. I am a proud Christian and should I win the presidency, I won’t allow consistent attacks on Christianity that are meant to weaken it.’ Said the republican presidential hopeful who maintains that he is a Presbyterian.

On the conclusion of his Mexico visit, pope Francissaid a mass on the American border where he opposed immigration policies which compel many into the dirty hands of drug dealers and human smugglers.

Mr Trump has also stated that he would deport illegal migrants should he win the American presidential elections scheduled for November this year.

The controversial Donald Trump has taken a slightly more than 20-points lead over his close opponent SenatorTed Cruz in the Republican race for the Us presidential nomination, with his campaign seemingly thriving on the endless controversies that he is generating.