Authorities in Sao Paulo, Brazil have moved to block assets belonging to one of Barcelona's top players Neymar.

The assets include a jet, a yacht and several other properties in the footballers custody.

The federal court of Sao Paulo has begun issuing warrants aimed at freezing the assets estimated to be worth 192 million reals which in estimation are roughly fifty million U.s dollars.

Neymar, the celebrity football star, his family and businesses related to them were last year found to have evaded sixty-three million reals in Brazil taxes which translate to close to sixteen million U.s dollars between the years 2011-13.

At the time, Neymar was a popular player in Brazilian's Santos club.

The star has nonetheless maintained that he is innocent concerning the matter.

However the player's appeal against the court's decision was rejected last week by the very courts in his home country, a news report that was widely publicized by the Brazilian newspapers.

In a press release, Lagaro Jung Martins, a senior auditor with Brazil's federal tax agency states that Neymar stands a very good chance of being pardoned if he becomes remorseful and pays back to the agency that which he owes it.

This Man Neymar;

Born on Feb. 5, 1992, in So Paulo, Brazil's capital city, Neymar proved his football prowessat a very tender age. As a teenager, Neymar became a star footballer with Santos FC after winning four playerof the year awards, a factor that raised him to the status of one of Brazil's most popular public figures.

In May 2013, the talented player moved to Europe where he played for Spanish's Barcelona football team.

Childhood life:

The talented footballer joined the youth wing of Santos FC at the age of only 11 years. His fame spread across Europe and he was offered the unique chance to continue his career with Real Madrid at a tender age of 14.

The Santos team, however managed to convince him to stay put by the increase of his bonus.Neymar scored his 100th professional goal at the age of 20 years only.