Rwanda Foreign Affairs minister Luoise Mushikwabo has expressed the Rwandan Government’s displeasure following utterances by one of united state's diplomatsto the effect that Rwanda has been arming and training Burundi refugees in the country so as to join rebels in fighting President Pierre Nkurunziza’s Burundi Government. Rwanda now hosts tens of thousands of Burundi refugees in the country’s Mahama camp.A Rwandan government statement has stated that the refugee’s presence in its territory which is close to the neighboring Burundi is dangerous for all the concerned parties.Last week, experts told the UN Security Council that Rwanda has armed and trained several refugees from Burundi, including children, with a sole intention to eventually overthrow president Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi from power.Suspicion has always been rife between the neighboring nations with Burundi on several occasions accusing it’s immediate neighbor Rwanda of backing rebels who are aiming to overthrow Pierre Nkurunzuza’s Bujumbura administration.However Kigali has always denied the allegations.'' Rwanda has taken the responsibility of protecting and looking after the refugees '', a government statement said.However, it has been established that their presence for a long period of time in it’s territory but close to their nation is dangerous for all the concerned parties.Burundi has been in a civil war since April when President Nkurunziza announced plans to run for a third term, which he won amidst outcry of vote rigging and the election boycott by several opposition parties in the country.

following the civil war,Hundreds of civilians have so far lost their lives in the tiny central Africa nation and an estimated 230,000 others have reportedly run away from the country to the neighboring states.Of the estimated 230,000 refugees, Rwanda is reportedly hosting more than 70,000 refugees. The largest refugee camp in the country is the Mahama camp.Apart from the mahama camp, There is no any other refugee camp known in the country except the small temporary ones for the refugees waiting to be deployed to the vast Mahama camp.