U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump,69, wants to deport every single illegal immigrant from the United States. Other Republican candidates say that his plan cannot be done, one even called it "silly argument." Since Obama's second term ends in January 2017, there is still pretty much time for people to think about who'll they elect.

Mission impossible

Deporting all illegal immigrants from the U.S. would be huge challenge for American logistics, infrastructure, law enforcement, border control agencies and military, who would then have to do the task in physical form.

Trump himself hasn't put out the timeframe, how fast he would want to complete his plan, but American Action Forum (AAF) says that it would take about 20 years to deport that amount of people. To make things even more complicated, then this would equal 650 old-fashioned American schoolbuses in every month for two decades to deport all illegal immigrants. And all the costs it causes for the country.

The costs

Based on an analysis on 5 million people, it is calculated that mass deportation costs $10,070 per person. To deport 11.3 million people, then it would cost about $114 billion. And that is just basic operation costs. According to the AAF, the whole process would costs the United States a total of between $420 and $620 billion.

Furthermore, there is economy to talk about and deportation plan's effect to it. In 2014, undocumented immigrants made about 6,4% of total labour force in the US. Deporting them all might mean the U.S. economy would shrink about 6% by 2035, that is $1.6 trillion dollars.

The society

According to the study made by Pew Research in 2013, illegal immigrant have spent anaverage of 13 yearsin the U.S.

, when the study itself was carried out. Also mass deportations would have to be done without support since Americans have rather friendly relations with illegal immigrants - many of American people have worked with them, lived with them and probably have befriended them. Trump's plan rather seems to change the face of the United States and would fire up the discussion about whether the U.S.

needs that many immigrants or not.

Also another aspect is rather technological - how all this would look like. Would Americans have stomach enough to watch all this? Or film it, picture it, since most of Americans have camera at the reach of their hands. And could military round them all up, force them to buses and deport them? Trump wouldn't be compared to his predecessors in a good way, in case he actually gets the Presidential Office and puts his mass deportation to work.