For the past few months, everyone heard about the upcoming elections… Guess what? They're here! Today is the day to get out of the house and go vote for the party that you think will represent you best!

During the entire campaign period, we bared witness to different parties stating their opinions on immigration policies and the way in which immigrants (especially Eastern Europeans) influence the lives of UK residents.

The most radical views on Immigration are attributed to the Labour party and to UKIP. I am choosing to focus on these two, as I, myself, am an immigrant in the UK and I think it's essential to provide feedback on matters that are important to us all.

The reform proposed by the Labour party:

  • Immigrants will be able to claim benefits after 2 years in the UK
  • Strict border controls, (an extra 1,000 border staff), making it easier to deport criminals and stop illegal immigration.
  • To control low-skilled migration

UKIP's immigration policies:

  • The UK would leave the European Union
  • Work permits for skilled (??!) workers
  • Foreign workers must speak English and find accommodation before (??!) arriving in the UK
  • Foreigners must have private health insurance
  • Tighter restrictions on bringing foreign spouses and children to UK
  • Students from the EU will pay the same student fee rates as International students

Well, there's a mouthful!

There has been a slight increase in immigration since Eastern European countries have joined the EU but is the situation that bad as to need these radical changes? I hope not.

Even though many people are opposed to new immigrants arriving into the UK and viewing the policies above shown as 'a breath of fresh air' after the waves of immigrants during the past decade, some of the vacancies would remain unfilled if not for these 'low-skilled' immigrants.

Russians, Lithuanians, Bulgarians, Czechs, Polish, Hungarian and Romanian people are working in your restaurants, hotels, taxis and factories, who would do these jobs, if not for the immigrants?

Finding proper accommodation is hard even when you are already living in the UK, as you need references (someone living in the UK), a huge deposit and in some cases even a National Insurance Number...

Now, how would someone have all of these while still in their country of origin?

If they want immigrants to have private health insurance, immigrants will not have to pay NHS tax and be able to get the care they need in private facilities?

It is quite interesting, how the society such as the British one, centered entirely around the Royal Family (double emphasis on the word family), would not want the immigrants to have their families around, living in the same country, same county, same city, same house...

What is your opinion on this issue?