As Kim Jong-un is known for his hatred, especially against the United States, but it was notified that Kim Jong-un look-a-like was travelling through Chicago on train. As the haircut and clothing seemed to be the real deal, it was quickly notified by the commentors that he has been seen in the area before. As matter of fact, he is actually student at the University of Illinois. To make things even more ironic, he is from South Korea.

The impersonator in Minyong Kim, 25, who is also known as "Dragon" dresses often up as a North Korean tyrant and is seen partying and playing basketball while impersonating Kim Jong-un.

Kim himself told that he actually is the leader of North Korea and apparently people seem to believe it.

People ask "how is it possible to be in the States?" Kim says that he has double citizenship. People then continue "why do you come to United States?" On which Kim responds that he wants to put capitalism in North Korea and change our economy like China did. As impersonator continues to tell, "Kim Jong-un is fan of Chicago Bulls, but he thought Chicago was too dangerous place, so I came here myself."

While Minyong Kim loves pretending to be North Korean leader, his parents are less keen of the situation as relations between two Koreas once again are taking the turn to the worse side, therefore his parents are worried that their son might be kidnapped or assassinated.

Kim served two years in South Korean Air Forces before moving to Chicago, although he probably had different hair style back then. Today, he has reputation amongst the students of the University of Illinois and gets regular stops as people ask to take selfies with him.

Kim himself said, "College life is very hard and stressful.

If people can laugh for 10 seconds, I'll be happy with it." He also added, that people sometimes ask him to take photos with him more than 100 times in a day, he also gave opinion about that some people think him being uncomfortable with it, he denies it though. "I'm totally okay with it taking photos with them and having new friends.", Minyong Kim said.