October 31st, when the Metrojet Flight 9268 took off from tourist resort of Sharm el-Sheikh and was heading to St. Petersburg, but crashed 23 minutes after take off, killing all 224 people on the board. Latest messages from Russia claim that they have sent dozens of special flights to take their citizens back home, it was said that 11,000 tourists were brought home in the past 24 hours and more will arrive soon. Moscow announced on Friday that any flights to Egypt will be suspended until further notice. Having initially dismissed suspicions about bomb bringing the jet down, then latest updates of the investigation forcefully seem to confirm these suspicions as flight recorder caught sound of explosion, as investigators said that the flight was "likely bombed down".

In St. Petersburg, where flight initially was heading, there was remembrance service was held for the victims, most of them were Russian. The main bell of St. Isaac's cathedral tolled 224 times, once for each victim. Meanwhile, another special flight is heading back to Russia - one with the victims remains, fourth since the plane crashed, to continue identification process.

United Kingdom also has flown 3,500 travellers back to their homes, as UK halted all flights to and from the resort since Wednesday. This decision first received criticism from Russia, but announced on Friday that all flights to Egypt are stopped. On Sunday, Russian president Vladimir Putin signed temporary flight ban law.

For Sharm el-Sheikh, the crash and subsequent actions taken mean that they are going to have a difficult period, since about third of all tourists were from Russia, as in 2014 about three million Russian nationalists travelled to the famed resort. Officials said that there were still 80,000 Russian tourists in Sharm el-Sheikh, when Moscow took decision to stop all flights to Egypt.

To put things into wider perspective: if it really was a bomb what downed Russian flight then it causes undermine and controversy, since Russian troops are in Syria because "they want to make feel Russian safer at home". Furthermore, Islamic State have already claimed that they took the flight out, however they haven't said how they did it.