Henry the polar bear is on his way home to his natural habitat. Born and bred in Australia, his Mum decided it was high time the young fellow made his own way in the world.

Sea World Australia animal keepers have no space to keep Henry. Hismum could not tolerate him any longer. This is because bears naturally chase off their young once they reach the age when they can look after themselves.The Australian Sea World has no affiliation to the US Sea World. The park is a fun place for people to interact with Animals but they do some seriousmarine research and run a rescue foundation.

The efforts involved in arranging a new home for Henry required planning and permissions forpermits, quarantine and the resources of several airlines, includinga military transport plane.It is a very long way from Australia to Ontario and the flight required stop overs, plane changes, refuelling and even a private charter.

Henry was accompanied on his long journey by Sea World's Director of Marine Sciences. In a way this is a real home-coming for Henry. Karen Cummings, manager at the Cochran Polar Bear Habitat, Ontario told the Canadian Press that they are delighted to have him. His father was an orphan from the wilds of Quebec. He found sanctuary at Sea World and now his son is going back to his roots.

It is fitting that Henry should go home. CP24 News reports that Cummings said,"Australia decided it would be a really nice thing that Henry would to return to his family roots."

The Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat is dedicated to polar bears. Scientists study them, in a non-invasive and safe environment. In time, Henry may be able to be a part of that research when he reaches sexual maturity.

In the meantime he will have access to the outdoors and hopefully make friends with the new bears that he will meet.

Henry will spend his first 30days in quarantine where he will be well looked after. Following this, his whole life lies before him in a more natural setting. In time there may well be more little Henry's to carry on the genetic line of Ontario's new-comer.