Everyone loves going on holiday, but so many of us hate leaving the family dog at home. Many dogs enjoy the adventures of Travel, driving along with their head out the window, and tongue flopping about in the breeze. Some love it more than others, and it is those that are being given the opportunity to get a job as a Canine Critic.

Your dog could become a Canine Critic

A company called Canine Cottages specialises in holidays in dog-friendly cottages across the UK. They are currently seeking out 10 doggie applicants from around the country to become one of their Canine Critics.

The role would include being an ambassador for the brand and would allow the lucky dogs to travel to various locations and enjoy a free holiday. Oh, and yes, their owners can come too!

Each of the chosen canines, and their lucky owners, will win one free cottage holiday, along with access to local, fun dog-friendly days out. They will also receive a good selection of free doggie-related products from top brands. The dogs will then review the products.

Canine Critics on the Internet

The winning 10 dogs will also appear on Canine Cottages’ website, with a profile giving their details.

On top of this, they will be seen on a regular basis on the company’s social media accounts. What they are looking for is the type of “real” dog (i.e. the canine doesn’t necessarily need to be pedigreed), to fill the positions. They must all, obviously, love travelling, not mind having a camera pointed at them all the time (my dog, personally, would hate that and would always look away from the camera), and also have a willing owner who will accompany the Canine Critics on their adventures.

The dogs will be chosen from a number of regions across the UK, as follows:

  • East of England
  • London
  • North East
  • North West
  • Scotland
  • South East
  • South West
  • The Midlands
  • Wales
  • Yorkshire and the Humber

How you can apply

The job is for dogs with loads of character and personality and a love of adventure and travel. To apply on behalf of your canine pal, simply visit the online application form included in the tweet below.

Make sure you send in a photo that really captures your dog’s character. Then complete the short application form with the necessary details.

According to a report by the Yorkshire Post, there is stiff competition. There have already, reportedly, been 20,000 applications for the four-legged ambassador roles. That reports quotes Cara Whitehouse, a former Canine Critic dog owner, as saying you should choose a photo that shows why exactly you believe your dog would be perfect for the role. The photo is apparently the first thing the judges see when receiving the applications.

Cara said they used a photo that encapsulated their dog Poppy’s love of travel, adding that she has done a lot of travelling with them already, before she even gained the role. She added that you must try and get that information through on the online form, by describing your family mutt’s personality.