According to the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FOC), increased violence in various areas of Mexico has made it dangerous for Britons to travel there this summer. The warning covers particularly the Mexican states of Veracruz and Tabasco.

There has been a number of shootings in various parts of the country, including popular tourist spots, and other violence in Veracruz. The FOC’s updated information states British travellers should take “extreme care” as reports have been received about security incidents in those states and increased violence in Veracruz City.

As reported by the Vallarta Daily, the FOC did state that tourists are not the direct targets of these incidents, but being in the area at the time something happens could negatively affect visitors.

Popular areas have some drug crime

The warning wrote of illegal roadblocks which have been reported recently, warning Britons to take care when driving. The FOC also stated that the Mexican government is making efforts to protect popular destinations like Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Los Cabos and Cancun. Reportedly those resorts have not experienced the same levels of drug-related crime and violence being experienced elsewhere in Mexico, but drug crime has increased in those regions.

The FOC did say that since 2017, a number of shooting incidents and other crime have been reported, adding that the Cancun area currently has an increased police presence, particularly in the hotel zone.

The report also commented on the caravans of Central American migrants heading through Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala on their way to the USA.

Warnings were given of closures of Mexico’s northern border, which could affect tourists crossing to USA.

Health warnings for Mexico

Advice on health issues was also raised by the FOC, particularly regarding the air pollution and the Zika virus. The hurricane season is also looming, adding to the dangers, as that begins in May and runs through to November.

The worst place for air pollution is Mexico City and the high levels could aggravate lung, respiratory or heart conditions. These are likely to affect the elderly, children and people with pre-existing medical conditions the worst. However it is reportedly possible to check the levels of pollution in many major cities in real time. Britons were also warned of the risk of being infected with the Zika virus which is transmitted through mosquitoes.

Warnings about European countries

Authorities did note, however, that over 513,800 British tourists visited the country in 2016 and had trouble-free visits. Meanwhile, the Express recently reported on the most dangerous European countries to visit due to the possibility of terrorism.

They put together a map showing the most dangerous locations. Interesting to note, it isn’t necessarily safer to stay at home, as the UK is on the “most dangerous” list.