Use Skyscanner to your advantage - read flight hacks and Skyscanner tips before browsing for Cheap Flights from the UK to Europe to ensure you're searching the best way possible. Figuring out how to use Skyscanner will enable you to easily and quickly search for the cheap flights you want.

Use the 'Search Everywhere' option to be inspired and find flights to lesser known cheap European destinations.

Be as flexible as possible

Sometimes having no plan is the best plan.

That's certainly the case when you're looking for cheap flights from the UK to Europe. Search the whole month or adjust your flight search settings by '+/-3 days' to ensure you're presented with as many options as possible when browsing.

Use the 'Search Everywhere' or 'Inspire Me' option for maximum flexibility to find all the available flights. Don't just stop at dates and destinations, be flexible with your airport choices too!

Search incognito or delete your browser history

This may come as a surprise to you, but by clearing your browser history or searching in an incognito or private window you'll only ever be shown the cheapest flights at any given time. Don't let your browser history or cached data catch you out when finding cheap flights.

This is not only a great tip, but this little tip can be used when booking hotels and other travel related products online.

Sign up to budget airline mailing lists

Sign up to those annoying budget airline email blasts to make sure you're the first to know about any deals, discounts or promotions. Remember Ryanair's Brexit sale or flash 'Winter Flight Sale' after they announced all those cancellations?

Thousands of cheap flights from the UK were sold for as little as £4 in the space of a few hours.

Sign up to the EasyJet and Ryanair mailing lists to grab yourself a cheap flight to Europe and be alerted the second a cheap flight sale drops. You'll never miss another flight sale again.

Set up flight alerts

If you already have travel dates in mind or a specific European destination that you'd like to find a cheap flight to then why not set up flight alerts.

This way you'll be notified when cheap flights from the UK to Europe become available or the price of your desired flight drops. By doing this you can sit back, relax and wait for the bargains to come to you. Setting up flight alerts means you won't need to worry about browsing the internet for hours finding flights to Europe, you'll only ever find out about the flight that is relevant to you.