There is no doubt that there are multiple benefits of the Pear on the human body. Only its nutritional composition is ideal to integrate it into any diet and make it part of our daily life. Similarly, the pear provides benefits to people with diabetes as well as those who have suffered heart-related diseases because of the low levels of carbohydrates.

The basics

On the other hand, as it happens with the apple, the pear is excellent for fighting cases of arthritis, anaemia, obesity, stress, gout and even high blood pressure. Its characteristics give it extraordinary properties for the digestive system since it is a fruit of simple digestion and does not require additional efforts on the part of the body.

For these specific cases, its intake was recommended once it is cooked in order to obtain faster results. While it is true that their vitamin composition will decrease, the essential substances will remain intact.

People who go through intestinal evils will get the most natural solution, as pear produces astringent effects that prevent the appearance of flatulence that is usually more common in cases of colitis. Uric acid is another of the substances that will be eliminated due to its consumption, in addition to the purifying effects on the blood. This means that it will contribute to the elimination of the toxins that are in it and fight the excess of weight for the cases of obesity. In this sense, the benefits they bring to the body are due to the low levels of calories it possesses and the rapid action to remove fluids through the urine.

Other benefits

The elimination of free radicals is another benefit of pears; it is important to emphasise that these are the cause of the ageing; hence, the presence of antioxidants is the most effective way to exterminate them. The large amounts of fibre that is obtained from the pear are the best component to keep our heart healthy and are mainly due to the fact that it considerably reduces the levels of cholesterol that can harm us.

Even proven, after several studies, that pear intake helps maintain the proper functioning of the brain.

Similarly, some studies show that it is able to prevent cancerous tumours, especially those that occur in the digestive system. Also, and because of the presence of fibre, it is advisable for women who are early or at a later stage of menopause. It is important to remember that during these years the development of cancer in the woman is very common, although the benefits of the pear can get to avoid it.