On a day of great celebration and pride, many women hold their heads high as we remember the great women that stood on our behalf so that we women of today have the honour and right to vote. It is also on that day a member of staff at the Colliers Wood station in south-west London took to the service information board, which many may know as the board where the 'Thought of the Day' is written on.

The member of staff wrote about the famous Emily Davidson who died while by jumping in front of the king's horse. Emily did this brave act to make a change for women who could not vote.

The very distasteful statement left an angry and rather sour taste in many passengers mouths, one passenger, in particular, Evelyn Clegg personally took it upon herself to take a picture of the offensive joke and tweet it to TFL (Transport for London).

The statement caused an angry stir in one passenger in particular

The supposed joke that was written by an unknown member of staff said:

'100 years ago suffragette Emily Davidson died after throwing herself in front of the king's horse.'

'History remembers her as being influential in giving women the right to vote.'

'What history doesn't remember is her husband who didn't get his tea that night!'

Evelyn Clegg tweeted the photo with the caption,

'Is this supposed to be funny, @tfl?

well, this humourless feminist is genuinely appalled.'

'Incredibly short-sighted & a waste of an opportunity for celebration.'

This statement provoked a lot of angry tweets

It seems as though Evelyn Clegg was not the only one to be upset, many people responded back to the tweet with comments of hurt and anger.

One person responded saying:

"Really? on the day we celebrated women getting to vote in general election for the first time, someone thought this was appropriate."

Another tweeted:

"Wow, this is appaling"

Someone else said:

"Wow, someone hugely misjudged that 'joke'.

How disappointing of TFL."

Another person wrote:

"This is so embarrassing and not remotely funny. How did anyone see this going down well?"

It goes without saying that this joke has had a very bad response, on a day of happiness one person thought it would be funny to make a joke that went horribly wrong. Leaving TFL with a bad name.

Evelyn Clegg also tweeted the mayor.

"Hi @sadiqKhan - thought you'd want to see this inappropriate & disrespectful board at Colliers Wood station."

A spokesman for the TFL responded saying: "This message was wrong and inappropriate in multiple ways, and completely unacceptable."

"We apologise for the offence caused and the message has been removed as quickly as possible."

"An investigation is underway into who thought this was a good idea, and the appropriate action will be taken."

"We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind, and actively work to create more opportunities for women in our industry and celebrate those who fought for the rights of women."

Hopefully whoever wrote this joke has learnt their lesson, and they know that a serious cause like this is not to be joked with especially with a rather insulting joke that mocks the identity of women.

Women did not fight and Emily Davidson did not give her life for it to be made into a joke, she will forever be a hero in many eyes and well respected as she should be.

I am sure this member of staff has learnt that their actions will go unforgiven by many.