Samsung has unveiled its new Samsung Galaxy 8, coming to replace the GalaxyS7, which had issues upon its release. There is already a frenzy about the release, and the tech market is going crazy about the new device. The reaction towards the release of S8 is not different from the response that the market exhibited towards the release of S7 before it began to experience problems. Will it be same for S8? Moreover, what lessons have Samsung learned from the experience of S7.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Problems

Samsung Galaxy S8 is claimed to be a corrected and upgraded version of S7.

The Galaxy S7 was one of the greatest gadgets that Samsung ever released. The only problem it had was the unpredictable lithium batteries bursting into flames. Apart from the technical issue, mishandling of the crisis gave the giant company a big blow that wiped billions of dollars off its brand value and shares price. S7 was the phone that would have provided its bitter rivals Apple a run for their money.

Samsung has realized that speed comes with a price. The company has transformed over the years from using low-end components and is now using premium technology brand. Use of premium technology brands allows their devices to achieve the speed and executions of their services. After the release of S7, there was a deadline given to engineers that made them work around the clock to meet.

Such kind of adrenaline – driven approach downplays the stage of testing products

Samsung S8 Galaxy will not be immediately released to the market, and the engineers have been given ample time to test the device. The products will have to pass the test first before Samsung releases it to the larger masses.

Samsung Galaxy 8 new battery features

Samsung promised the S8 batteries would undergo a new 8-point battery inspection process that they recently introduced. According to Samsung President of Mobile Communication D.J. Koh, the tests are already underway. He also confirmed to buyers that Samsung Galaxy S8 has more room for internal batteries, a technology that they did not use for Galaxy S7.

Samsung swore that it learned valuable lessons and are positive that with the new improvements made such mistakes won't happen again.

Samsung Galaxy S8 lovers who had fears that what happened to S7 would recur in S8 should worry no more: the company seems to have learned from its mistakes and have come up with new mechanisms that would prevent the same recurrence. Even so, they will have to wait until the company completes the tests for it to be released.