According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple´s iPhone 7 will come up with a very slight difference, distinguishing it from the present IPhone model. Apple Inc. might deviate from its tendency to redesign the line of iPhone every two years and only make minor changes to the next release in fall. The main difference, setting it apart from older models is a new listening mechanism, which will notcome integrated inside the device.

The iPhone 7 minor change

The users of the new iPhone device will have to connect external listening devices to listen to audio.

The report indicates that a rumor that has been heard for months suggest that the iPhone 7 won´t have a headphone jack, thus, the buyers of the phone will have to use wireless connectivity. It´s thought that the new IPhone 7 will be thinner and water-resistant due to this exclusion. this new iPhone will also include a fingerprint sensor built inside on the screen for quick access.

Bigger changes for the iPhone in 2017

The smartphone7 which is expected to be released next fall will surely have some changes; however, it´s predicted that the changes will be minor compared to what could occur with the 2017 iPhone model. While Apple has followed a trend of innovation for the iPhone line of smartphones, it won´t occur during this year, but until 2017, allowing the implementation of more advanced technologies.

Strategic innovation times

According to the Journal, an OLED display with fingerprint sensitivity could be implemented in the 2017 iPhone and it will occur at a time when the iPhone, which accounts for approximately 65% of Apple´s finances, would be facing difficult financial period. Earlier in April, Apple´s iPhone sales went down to about 16%, making it the first sales decrease in one single year.

The twice a year trend innovation that Apple has maintained over its line of iPhones has made IPhone buyers upgrade their devices at a slower rate. While Apple Inc. has relied on the great iPhone innovations every two years to increase sales, it´s not very clear if the sales will rise with a new model, unless it comes with a major enhancement over the previous model.