Apple TV is a digital media player built by Apple Inc. that can receive digital signals from outside sources and deliver them to a high definition TV for entertainment or professional purposes. This technology provides access to a variety of, either free or paid, entertainment content from providers, such as Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, and Showtime, allowing you to watch your favorite movies, documentaries, news, weather, sports, and music festivals or play your favorite games on a capable and responsive screen.


This is the operating system under which Apple TV is based.

It´s founded entirely on the iOS operating system. Its user interface integrates a variety of apps from the App Store, which can be accessed using the muti-touch gestures, such as swipe, tap, scroll, rotate and pinch. It includes Siri- PC assistant and navigator, that allows you to access TV shows and movies by demanding them with voice.


This application lets you control your house appliances and other devices from the screen of your TV by using Siri. For example, you have chosen the movie show to watch next weekend. On that day, before watching the movie, you can tell Siri to lower the room temperature and dim the lights in the room before starting the film. You can also tell it to turn on the microwave where a recipient with water is ready to be brought to boiling point for a good cup of coffee.

iPhone as a remote control

You can turn your iPhone into a remote control for the TV. Simply install the Apple Remote App into you iPhone and it will have the capability of a remote. With Siri integrated into the App, you will be able to tell Siri to look for a variety of entertainment, including TV programs, movies, documentaries, cartoons, videos, and videogames.

You can even ask the Siri program to display photos and documents on the big screen. So, you not only use it for entertainment, but professionally.

Apple TV is experienced best when used with a great array of apps that provide a variety of entertainment and functionality that can satisfy the most demanding person. Every app that´s downloaded to an iOs device, such as an iPhone, is downloaded automatically into TVos, so, you´ll be able to watch your favorite iPhone apps on the big screen.