Apple introduced the next generation of multi-touch with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus, in addition toMulti-Touch gestures; swipe, tap, and pinch, the smart phone lets you interact in a new dimension -- 3D touch. This innovative technology allows the user to take a look (peek) at a given application and then get a deeper look (pop) into it. 3D touch functions on the home screen allow shortcuts to everyday tasks in your applications. The benefits of this functionality extends to all your applications, allowing you to finish tasks faster.

iPhone 6s 3D touch

Sensors underneath the display record the amount of pressure that is placed with the fingers and react dynamically. With a light press on applications, the enhancedtouch lets you peek into the content; pressing a little more and it takes the user intoa deeper look of the same content. The newtouch eases multi-tasking on your phone, while at the same time preserving the context of what is being done.

Peek and pop: the next generation of multi-touch

Peek and pop allows you to preview varied kinds of content and applications before acting on them. With a light press one can peek at a feature on an application. To open it wide open on the screen, a deeper press will open it. For example, to take a peek at a set of pics that you´ve taken, simply press lightly on a pic and it will be shown on the screen, along with a scrubber.

Pressing a little deeper on a pic will pop it on the screen.

Quick actions

Previously, a user was able to tap on an app icon to open it, or touch and hold an app to edit the screen. Now, by pressing an app icon, it´s possible to get a set of quick actions on the screen. This feature allows you to perform the tasks you do with faster and fewer steps of action.

With a single press on a phone icon, a multi-task scrolling list opens allowing you to do many things without losing focus. For example, you single press on an icon and a display with optional icons, allowing you to choose the next plan of action.

Pressure sensitivity

Varied apps can benefit from the pressure sensitivityof both iPhones.In a painting application, the lines of drawing can be made thicker, depending on the pressure put on the working area of the app. 3D touch will allow users to complete tasks faster. In the game playing arena, the interactions during gameplay are highly enhanced.