NASA Space Agency announced the release of an exclusive app for the 4th generation of Apple TV. This NASA app adds to another app for the iPad, iPhone, IPod touch, and Android and Fire operating systems. People have already enjoyed the fun of space exploration from various mobile devices; with the NASA app for Apple TV, people will have the chance to experience space exploration directly from their Apple TV device on a bigger screen.

NASA app for Apple TV

People will have the chance to stream their favorite space documentaries and press releases, as well as up to date spacecraft maneuvers and robotic discoveries on different destinations in the solar system.

All of this in the comfort of their own home and on a big screen. All the family will be able to watch and get prime information about the latest NASA missions and future plans of space exploration.

NASA app interface

This app graphical user interface includes several icons displaying various features for the users to choose from, including play on demand NASA videos, sighting of the international space station, where indications and schedules are shown of where to look in the sky to take a stare at the space station. There is also a news icon, showing the most relevant up to date space happenings.

You´ll also be able to take a look at more than 15,000 images in the whole screen, either individually or in a sequence.

A big display of satellite tracking maps in 2D or 3D will enable you to see where these orbiting instruments are located. You will be able to see the earth and other planets and learn about their characteristics.


The fun of music on your big screen is delivered through Third Rock Internet Radio. This music station was launched by NASA with the sole intention to engage the general public with the latest NASA technological features and news along with the commentaries of varied celebrities and their music.

The NASA app for Apple TV integrates Siri-voice assistant and navigator and Multi-touch technology which will allow you to interact with your voice and smooth finger touch, so you´ll enjoy NASA features like never before.There´s another NASA app for the iPhone, IPad, IPod, Android and Fire devices. These apps are free to download from the App Store and Google play.