Apple developed an app that is supported on an iPad device and allows learning Swift in a fun and interactive graphical way. To start using this application does not require previous programming knowledge, thus it´s ideal for unexperienced user or students wanting to learn Swift code. The app also provides new ways for experienced developers to developed new creations. The app is ingeniously designed to take full advantage of the technical capabilities of the iPad, making it easy to master.

Swift code

It´s a compiled programming language for Linux iOS, watchOS, OS X, and tvOS operating systems developed by Apple Inc.

the language is an alternative to Objective C; however, with simpler syntax. Swift incorporates safe programming and includes up to date features that make programming simple and more flexible. The language is supported by the Cocoa and Cocoa touch interfaces.

Using the app

Swift playgrounds includes varied pre-designed Apple lessons-from basic to advance. During the lessons, the user interacts with a window that´s divided into two sections-the code section on the left and the visual setting in 3D on the right. On the left side, a user writes the Swift code that is clued at the bottom of the window, then he/she sees the results on the right. The app uses iPad Multi.Touch technology, thus with a single touch, swipe, tap and drag, the user can simplify its learning experience.

Interacting with the app

A virtual keyboard appears every time the user taps a number and a library of snippets pops up too, allowing to simply drag the most appropriate snippets into the coding area. A statement can be dragged around pieces of code, making it unnecessary to write longer code. With a single tap or two, you can write a complete line of code.

With the single touch of a key, you are presented with multiple line characters to facilitate the coding.

Using templates

When you have mastered the basics, you can go on to more advanced stages. The app allows you to use templates, so you can create your own apps. The templates make use of the iPad technologies, including Multi-Touch, gyroscope and accelerometer.

You can even include images and music or video into the creation. After the coding is complete, the Retina display technology of the iPad tablet will allow you to see the advancement of the app in vivid color.

Once the code and the creation is finished, you can export into an integrated development environment, such as Xcode and develop your ideas for the iOS and Mac operating systems. This app is good for creating simple and not so simple apps. This app by Apple Inc. will be free next fall andwill surely allow you to create very interestinggame apps and more.