Giphy, which is basically the Google search engine of GIFs has today launched its own dedicated keyboard application, for iOS and Android, which means you can integrate GIFs into your life in a much easier way. Over the past couple of years, the use of GIFs on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook has grown exponentially. In fact, Twitter has added its own dedicated GIF button when users compose tweets, which links to Giphy’s database so you can find the perfect GIF for your tweets.

Reactions to social media posts have gone from the simple “LOL” of the ‘00s, to using emojis, and now GIFs are taking over.

Are GIFs the new emojis?

GIF animations have been around much longer than emojis have, but they weren't overly used. However, due to the introduction of social networking, GIFs found a new lease on life. Emojis seemed to take over as the go-to animation to convey the reaction and emotion of users, especially on social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

However, the popularity of GIFs has been growing rapidly over the past couple of years now we’re truly in the mobile age, and it prompted Twitter to add a dedicated GIF button to its tweet composer window. Prior to that, users had to search for GIFs online, save them to their phones or computers, and then upload them to Twitter. Now, captialising on the success and demand for using GIFs, due to the fact that we all spend a lot more time on our phones, Giphy has launched its own keyboard.

The new keyboard will allow users to implement GIFs into just about everything – from text messages to emails and social media posts.

Wired quotes Julie Logan, Giphy’s director of brand strategy as saying: “Anybody can speak in GIFs. They’re made for the mobile messaging world that we really exist in now."

A whole world of GIFs in a simple app

To have the world of GIFs at your fingertips, all you need to do is download the new Giphy app, titled “Giphy Keys” and add the new keyboard in your settings. The keyboard on your device will recognize the Giphy keyboard as an input option and will then allow you to use GIFs whenever and however you like.