What has Appletoday? This is the most repeated question among technology enthusiasts within hours of the event of the company on the block. As always with Apple, and increasingly with other technology, secrecy is the general trend and hit the pools on what we do will be presented and no, it is a game of chance in which almost all means go.

What's new

The arrival of an iPhone'low cost' was a rumor that already happened three years ago when Apple finally introduced the iPhone 5C. Cheap phone had little more colorful of the company, as the price was only slightly below the 5S model.

Now, after betting on a larger size with the iPhone 6, 6S, and their corresponding 'Plus', it seems that Apple could return to the size of 4 inches to launch a real phone 'low cost'.

Smaller size, lower price and what fewer benefits? Specifically, it would be equipped with the processor of the iPhone 6 and memory 16 or 64 GB also marketed in the same colors; gold, silver, gray and pink. About the price very little is known, but we would be talking of around 400 to 500 dollars.

A new iPad

The iPhone is not the only star of the event. The possibility that Apple present a new iPad sounds increasingly harder. It would not be the new iPad 3, if not a new tablet Pro but with traditional iPad dimensions: 9.7 inches.

This new iPad Pro will feature some of the advantages of the original model, such as support for smart keyboard, Pencil Apple, the Apple Smart Keyboard and A9X and 4GB of RAM. Finally, the presentation could be supplemented by new products for Apple Watch. We would not be talking about a new watch, if no new add-ons for it.

Analysts and bloggers on technology claim that Apple would present a new model of iPad Pro, designed for users of the business sector, and that the company released last year with various features such as a detachable keyboard and a stylus.Rumors indicate that Apple would release an iPad Pro smaller than the current one, which has a display of 12.9 ''. The idea of the company is to add processing power and a stylus in the world of household tablets.