Apple watch allows you to perform many digital functions directly from your wrist. It relies on a wireless connection to an iPhone to integrate the watch compatible apps stored on the mobile device. The Smartphone supports Siri for answering questions, makes recommendations, and perform varied actions. Music stored on the iPhone can be access and manipulated through the watch. The watch utilized watchOs operating system based on an interface that shows app icons in circular form on the watch display.


It uses S1 system on chip and a linear actuator known as the ¨Taptic Engine¨ which provides feedback every time a notification is received.

It runs on watchOS operating system and all versions have 8 GB storage capacity and allows the storage of 2 GB music and 75 Mb of images. All music stored on an iPhone can be manipulated from the Apple watch. The watch is switched off and only turns on when you lift your wrist, press a button, or touching the screen.

Fitness and health

It´s equipped with a built-in heart rate sensor, utilizing LED's in both the infra-red and visible spectrum, allowing you to keep track of a variety of sports and activities, including running, bicycling, exercising in the gym, or simply walking. The activity app displays varied color rings on the watch display, reminding you of physical actions that need to be done, suggests calories to be burned during a given day.

When any activity reaches completion, the rig closes on the display.

The smartphone records your heartbeat and can help you attain optimum health and well-being. The sensors inside the watch measure your heart rate which is displayed over the display in numbers and heat icon. It stores all the information of other health apps, which you can customize.


The smartphone lets you receive notifications, including email, calendar, message, reminders, phone calls, by activating the sense of vibrations in your wrist. Every time a notification is received, a tap along with a soft chime is sensed in the wrist. A digital crown allows you to zoom, scroll through the notification, and when pressed, it returns you to the home screen.

It allows you to wipe, swipe, or use pressure on the watch´s display to either scroll or delete a notification.

Models and customization

Apple has released four different variants of the Apple Watch; Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch Edition, and the Apple Watch Hermes in two different sizes; 38 mm (1.5 inch) and 42 mm (1,7 inch) and a wide range of interchangeable bands for customization. The watch faces can be changed, based on your liking.