The most recent release of the family of iMac desktop computers is an all in one (hardware and display are enclosed in a single case). The optimum retina display-high density pixels, along with high performance hardware are packed in a thin aluminum casing. Its integrated processor deliver high speed and optimum performance. This type of desktop computer is ideal for video editing and graphics work; however, it also lets you work on music and design applications due to its peed and versatile functionality.

iMac desktop Technology

This iMac is powered by OS X operating system.

It includes multi-touch technology, allowing you to do the common finger gestures-swipe, scroll, pinch or tap smoothly on the screen.The 27 inch iMac is incorporates sixth generation Intel Core processor and AMD high performance graphics. The 21.5 inch iMac includes a fifth generation Intel Core processor and up to date Intel Iris graphics. The Retina display technology produces the most intense colors on the screen.Both iMacs are built to deliver image and 3D graphics with the highest quality.


You can use your iMac to make and receive phone calls without the need of using your iPhone. You can also send and receive SMS text messages. Handoff allows you to transfers files, such as messages, contacts, keynote and calendar.

Instant Hotspot lets you access the Internet with your iPhone, when there is no Wi-Fi available. With Air Drop, you can send files to another Mac or iOs device.

Compatibility with windows

The iMac is compatible with a windows PC. Allowing you to transfer files and documents from a windows compute, using migration assistant. You can also run windows on your Mac, using Boot Camp.

OS X supports Microsoft exchange, letting you keep messages and contacts in synchronicity. You can also work with windows programs, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Fast data transfer

The Thunderbolt technology allows you to use 2 ports to connect high performance peripherals that transfer data 40 time faster than a single USB 2 pot and 25 times faster than FireWire 800.

With three stream 802.11ac technology, you can obtain internet speed of over 1.3 Gbps.

The idea behind the iMac by Apple Inc. is the design that incorporates diminutive powerful hardware in a very thin compartment