It’s that time of the year again. Winter is now full mode and as we impatiently wait for the weather to get warmer, there are also good Fashion Trends to follow and obviously, we can live through it with style. So, for all fashion lovers, we have rounded up the most popular styles this year so you can test the weather and become the trendsetter in your group of friends.


The puffer jackets are making a big comeback. Fifteen years ago they made a splash on the runways all over the world. Now they’re returning in the form of big coats and bright colors.

Plaid styles are also in as is the faux fur lining which has been very welcome due to the important change it makes to animal preservation; many big designers are going fur-free. Floor length coats remain timeless and add a sophisticated touch to any outfit, especially, if worn with a cape effect; so, who says you can’t keep warm and be stylish all at once?


When it comes to winter shoes, boots are the all-time favorites. From ankle height boots to over the knee boots that have been immortalized by fashion houses this year, you can find them shiny, cowboy and leather styles. However the newcomers this year are the 2000’s slouchy boots. Find the perfect pair to look amazing from head to toe this season.


In terms of headpieces, hats and beanies are classics. Knitted headgear is a must have in the cold weather. This winter also saw the reintroduction of berets and faux furry hats. They have been seen all over social media in every color possible. You can match them to the pattern in the rest of your outfit to complement your looks.


The variety of this year's trends has allowed knitted sweaters to take over the scene. Creative patterns, bright colors, galactic prints and all sorts of colors are the main styles currently. Accompanying accessories like belts and scarves are used in matching manners.

Our advice on trends is to try them and find out what works for you.

Remember that not everything looks good on everybody, so you have to keep in mind your body type, skin tone, and fitting. Fashion is always fun, and the good thing is it doesn’t have to be expensive with all the affordable pieces available right now. even high-end brands are partnering with up and coming designers to create accessible collections that are luxurious and most importantly, cheap. I am sure the fashionistas and risk-takers will find this selection helpful.