It's that time again for another London Fashion week. The event falls between the Milan and New York Fashion weeks and is held February and September. One highlight of this event is the work of designers committed to reusing, recycling and the sustainable use of resources in the fashion industry. Political statements at Fashion Week are nothing new, in London, Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ) put on a sideshow in the form of a topless flash mob to protest the use of furs. Another protest saw lingerie clad plus sized models taking to the streets to speak out against the use of 0 sized models in fashion shows.

Reducing the fashion carbon footprint

The Sustainable Clothing Action Plan 2020 (SWAP) introduced in 2012 was intended to bring about positive changes in the clothing industry towards a more sustainable production and consumption model. While improvements have been made there has been a rise in the Carbon Footprint. In 2016, 1.13 million tonnes of clothing was purchased in the UK. Designers like Vin and Omi and Irish designer Richard Malone would like to change this by using recycled materials in their designs.

Vin and Omi

Vin and Omi are designers with a political message delivered through their clothing. The pair has come up with their own eco-textiles processed from plastic bottles and chestnut skins, they also use sustainable wool.

During London Fashion Week, they will be displaying their collection that includes faux leather vests from walnuts, coats from ethically sourced wool and dresses, tops and handbags from recycled plastic. They have a program in place where customers could return the clothing they no longer want for a discount on a new product.

The designers will re-fashion the returned clothing.

Sustainable fashion at the Palace

During London Fashion Week sustainable fashion will be taking centre stage at Buckingham Palace. The Commonwealth Fashion Exchange, created and operated by Eco-Age, partners with artisans and designers from British Commonwealth nations who create environmentally conscious products while showcasing their country's unique crafts.

Australian designer Kit Willow will be showcasing her designs at the event, Kit relies heavily on the sourcing of organic materials and recycled substitutes for organic textiles.

Top designers including Stella McCarthy and Burberry, in partnership with artisans from developing countries, will be showcasing their exclusive fashions. The event will be hosted by Kate Middleton.