In case you have been living under a rock, you should know how technology plays a significant and ever-growing role in our society. The long debate has been the effects faced by teenagers and kids, being that they were born and are growing up in an era of technological revolution and therefore they are the social group most directly involved in the matter.

But what effects does technology have on their lives? And how will it keep impacting them in the future? Here, we discuss some of those situations. Obviously, the fact that they are growing up surrounded by technology, and, that some of them don’t even know life without it is very much part of the issue.

But, not everything’s bad. As with everything, it has its pros and its cons. And, life has taught us several times not to focus so much on the bad. Below, we discuss the good, the bad and what to do.

The advantages

On the one hand, technology has made everything so instantaneous, fast and accessible. As a result, our kids don’t have any problem finding information or learning stuff they are interested in and it has even made school life easier. They just have to Google their homework and they will get millions of answers in less than a second. Let’s face it, it even helps adults do the same, so kids and teenagers are not the only ones getting those privileges.

The disadvantages

As we know, people tend to emphasize the bad much more than the good, therefore, it’s no surprise that the disadvantages of technology are discussed far more.

The access kids have to technology at such a young age and with very little to zero supervision has developed some serious problems. Arguably, the most notorious is the dependence that technology brings; kids rely on their devices and apps for almost everything, sometimes becoming unable to solve situations on their own. Technology has also affected our kids’ social skills.

They have become so used to having these gadgets and being in front of a screen that they never learn how to interact in real life.

Technology, quite obviously, has its good and bad sides, but we need to be responsible about how it is used. If we are able to balance technology, social interaction and human contact, our children will learn how to get the best out of it and use it in a beneficial way.

So, adults should really become role models and set an example to younger generations in this respect. I think It should also be addressed in schools, given the time our kids devote to learn, not only mere knowledge, but good behavior, too. I hope this article is helpful for anyone struggling with the use of technology.