The incredible evolution of Fashion never ceases to amaze and excite the ever-expanding world of fashion enthusiasts, with their insatiable modern generation #fashion demands and expectations. In response to these demands and expectations, modern pioneers of fashion and #style show no signs of slowing down, changing and re-inventing the fashion world year after year to meet the ever-increasing and evolving fashion world demands and no doubt, modern designers stop at nothing to impress and defy the ever so competitive world of fashion and style.

Interestingly, although fashion has changed a great deal, some traits of the past generation are still replicated and maintained but just with a modern touch and style which makes for an exciting and wonderful blend of styles.

Embracing Changing Fashion Trends

How well do you embrace these changing #fashion trends? How well do you acquaint yourself with these incredible changes and how well do you adjust yourself to them? No matter our different body shapes and sizes, it still remains important for us to keep up with these changes and amazingly, there's just about everything for everybody, isn't that exciting? No one is left out irrespective of body shape and size. Fashion has graduated immensely to a point where just about every single person's style is accommodated.

So striking a balance between individual styles and what's out there is a critical area for individuals to get a hang of. The importance of this is that, one of the things being well dressed does to a person is how it inspires some sense of confidence and feeling good about oneself - you sure feel really good about yourself when dressed well, that's a feeling undeniable for most of us.

Does this mean style and confidence go together?

The Impact of Fashion on Confidence

Fashion, especially in the area of clothing, stands to meet different personal style needs for different people but however different from a style point of view people may be, one thing is the same with all, or most so to say, and that is the impact fashion has on individual confidence.

This is an undeniable fact for most of us; that feeling of excitement, pride and confidence when our skin is under our most comfortable clothes. You don't have to be dressed in the most expensive or even designer clothes to feel this way, just clothes comfortable enough for you and your Feel Good mode is triggered. Even your body size or shape doesn't have to make any grade for the modelling ramp for you to feel that way, you just have to be really comfortable in your favourite clothes. Are you a stylish fashion enthusiast? Do you always find what perfectly fits your style and really feel good in it? How do you know what to go with and what not to in respect to your individual fashion style and sense?

Quite some challenge to really strike balance within these, but an understanding of individual uniqueness and fashion sense is crucial. It's important to not only dress well to your liking but to also feel good and confident but just as this is important, it's also vital to understand oneself well enough first to be able to find and understand what works for you fashion-wise.

Style and Personality

As mentioned earlier, fashion trends and styles constantly evolve and the last thing you may want if you consider yourself a fashion enthusiast is falling behind and missing out on what's hot and what's not, what's trending currently and what's not. But that said, having your personality and style wrongly collide in your pursuit to keep up with latest fashion trends may be a great deal of tragedy to your confidence.

It awesome to perfectly understand yourself well enough and likewise, perfectly understand what fits your unique personality in the fashion sense. Your body shape or size really doesn't matter, you don't need a body like that of some supermodel to perfectly fit in modern fashion just an ability to balance your style and personality well.

So, dare look your best always, the next part of this will continue next time, cheers!