When we think of Christmas, we think about presents, a large food table, traditional panettone and a reunited family. The whole house decorated, three or four generations around the table. Lots of laughter and good memories. Thanks to the last past year. Classic Christmas. Catholic. Date of renovation. Of peace and love. But we know that it is not so across the whole world as we have different religions and beliefs. And this makes the date even more magical. Regardless of what this date represents for each one, the celebrations are not always as "society says so".

Christmas of each one

Speaking about the real world, we don't have many choices about Christmas. Sometimes, it can be even more of an obligation than a celebration. For example, children of divorced parents, who are divided between two houses - or more - over two days. There are those who live far away and celebrate via skype, have dinner inside a snack bar and smoke in the windows of their apartments surrounded by friends - often, friends from other parts of the world, beliefs and etc.There are those who walk the streets, admiring the lights and smiling. Others suffer the absence of relatives and childhood special places. Being alone at this time can be very difficult. We adapt according to what we are living at the moment.

Some people are celebrating Christmas in winter because they only knew the warmth of Latin Christmas. Lifestyles change and mix with differences to make this date just "one more date of the year" and that's fine. Within your faith and your love, what matters is doing the good. Whatever your Christmas is, respect must be above all else.

The meaning of Christmas

It is such a special day that makes us stop everything. You can see the faces on the streets, shopping in hand, many lights that brighten the cold nights of London and the city smelling of hot chocolate and marshmallow. All this preparation and enthusiasm leave the question: do we still look upon Christmas as a religious date, and should that make us more united?

Or is it just a date for parties and presents? In some countries, it's all part of the annual vacations. Do we still carry family values or lose ourselves in other values? What is the value of Christmas? What's the value of your Christmas? It's just one day away and I believe there is a lot to learn and we need to evolve. I hope the love and joy that we keep for the 25th of December of each year, will spread and be eternal for all the days of next year. And no matter what your window is: may Santa visit you and make your day a magical day. Merry Christmas to all.