The experts at Style Craze claim that the summer season brings a lot of hair and skin problems. Every woman remains concerned about the strength of her hair. She tries a lot of products, and most of them are good for nothing. According to the Beauty experts, every one of us loses 50 to 100 strands of hair on a daily basis. If you are suffering from severehair fall, try thesesolutions this summer.

Coconut milk

Coconut milk is magnificent for the proper growth of hair, Style Crazesays. You should thoroughly apply it to the scalp. Then cover the head with a soft towel, and allow it to get dried.

This will take about an hour. Then remove the towel and wash with a quality shampoo. Repeat this process thrice a week to get incredible results. Coconut milk has vitamins and minerals. This provides proper moisturizers to the hair, and keeps them healthy season after season. it has proteins, fatty acids, and powerful antibacterial properties, L’Oreal experts have viewed.

Aloe vera

For the hair care, aloe vera has no alternative. Extract the pulp from the leaves, or bring home aloe vera oil. Massage the scalp in a circular motion, and leave for about twenty minutes. Studies prove that aloe vera promotes hair growth. It also keeps the pH levelmaintained.

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt prevents from numerous skin and hair problems, researchers claim.

Mix it with lemon juice and honey to make a paste. Apply the mixture to the scalp, and allow it an hour. Then wash with a quality shampoo and cold water to get amazing results. It would not be wrong to say that Greek yogurt is one of the most efficient natural conditioners for hair. This has loads of vitamins, proteins, and minerals.

Its anti-fungal properties prevent from hair damage.

Egg white mask

This summer you should try egg white mask as it significantly promotes hair growth. Prepare this mask by separating the yolk from the egg white. Mix egg white with almond oil, and apply it to the scalp. Leave for about half an hour. Then wash with cold water. and you would surely get the desired results. Eggs are an instant source of proteins and vitamins. These promote optimum hair Health.