This year, the hottest trending eye Makeup colors have a lot to do with your skin tone and your eye color. So you’ll need to pay attention to these two things, and we can provide you with the rest—the tips on what’s best and trendiest for your eye color this season.So, in just a couple of steps, you’ll get the help you need here to help narrow down your eye color look. Keep reading so you can make sure you are up to date with the hottest trending eye makeup colors.

First, consider your skin tone

Unfortunately, you can’t just wear any old eye color and expect it to expertly enhance your eyes.

What you need to do is take a close look at some things about your personal appearance, so you get the most effective and trendiest colors applied to your eyes.So the first step is to identify your skin color. Everybody’s either got a warm skin tone or a cool skin tone. If you’re warm, your skin tone is going to have more pinks and reds in it, and if you are cool, you’ve got more of an olive complexion.The one major rule to remember is that the lighter your skin tone, the less intense you want your color to be.

Should I match my eye color to my eye shade?

You don’t want to match your eye color exactly. There’s a color trick behind this factor. If you wind up matching eyeshadow right to your eye color, your eyes are not only not going to be brought out effectively to pop; they will look dull and monochromatic.

That’s not the effect any woman wants when going for eyeshadow looks. You don’t want to be boring, right?Having color contrast with your eye makeup is going to not only bring out your eyes but make your look attention-worthy. Here are some tips about what eye colors will work with what eye makeup shades based on the trendiest looks this season.

Trendy eye makeup colors for brown eyes

If you’ve got brown eyes, you’ve got one huge advantage: most selections and shades out there are made for brown eyes. Plus, brown eyes work well with so many colors, luck is on your side.For brown eyes this season, the trendiest colors are falling in a wide variety. Greens, golds, champagnes, beige tones, pinks, and purples are all extremely hot this season, and all work incredibly with brown eyes. So make sure this season you’ve got a wide selection of these colors to reach for, and you’ll be set.

To be continued in Part 2.