If you have finished the studies, you must be looking for a job. Because of the tremendous use of social media, it is now easy for anyone to find an excellent employment. At the same time, we should not forget that the competition is very high. The 2016’s survey report of the National Society of Scholars reveals that the employers prefer academically excellent graduates no matter if they have experience or not. So, the groups of young adults can consider applying at these companies for a job.


Over the years, Nike has extended its network. Now its outlets are present in almost all big cities of the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

If you want to assist the people in selecting a cool pair of shoes, Nike is the right place for you. The employees are provided with special discount offers for shopping alongside a handsome salary package. Other than this, the senior workers receive 10-20% commission on every successful sale. This multinational corporation has excelled in the manufacturing of top quality footwear. The employee-friendly marketing programs can help you to further your career.


YouTube is always the prior choice of music lovers. It would not be wrong to say that this video-sharing website receives billions of views every month, and anyone who gets attached to this company would definitely make a lot. It is up to you whether you want to begin your own YouTube channel or your dream is to become a part of theirbusiness community.

My suggestion is that you run your own channel. Here you would need to upload unique and exciting videos. Share the quality content and earn a handsome monthly income from AdSense. Besides this, the young graduates can apply for jobs at the firm itself. They mostly hire software engineers, marketers, and anyone with technical skills and education background.

In return, you can expect to be a part of a community of innovative minds.


Nowadays, people are more into online shopping as they have no time to visit the nearby outlets. Amazon is a favorite of the global individuals when it comes to buying something at affordable prices. A lot of investors and businessmen are successfully running their online Amazon stores.

This company welcomes fresh graduates to be a part of its team. They offer a handsome salary package with other benefits. You first need to get in touch with the HR of the corporation. Then you should forward your CV and portfolio. Allow them to review your credentials before they could call you for an interview. They only contact the persons whose education background and experience match their requirements.


Without any surprise, Google is where every fresh graduate wants to be. It is the most famous search engine, and more than this Google is a huge corporation. The company has its offices in all major countries of the world. Feel free to apply for multiple jobs at any of its 70 offices in more than 35 countries.

Google does not hire anyone with the average skills. You have to be almost perfect to become a part of the community of Googlers. The company makes sure that its workers receive numerous opportunities for career grooming.