It is no secret that the Pacific Division of the NBA holds some of the most explosive teams in the league. It consists of the defending Champions Golden State Warriors, the up and coming Sacramento Kings, the LeBron-led LA Lakers, the surprising Clippers and the young Phoenix Suns. Among those five teams, the Golden State Warriors are still the team to beat. However, it is unwise for them to fall asleep, especially the battle-tested Lakers and Clippers.

The beginning of the Hallway Series

Ever since the Clippers became a tenant of the Staples Center back in 1999, the competition had been brewing between them and the Lakers.

The original plan for the Clippers was to have their own arena to avoid conflict with the historic Lakers. However, it didn´t happen due to many reasons and some of the avid Lakers fans were visibly upset. Their rivalry is commonly known as ¨Hallway Series¨ as they share everything in the arena. For 19 years the Lakers have dominated the Battle of Los Angeles, but for the past seven years, the Clippers have their numbers.

Lakeshow vs Lob City

The Lakers are one win shy from the championship to tie with their original rival, the Boston Celtics. Throughout the championship years of the Lakers, the Clippers suffered numerous defeats. There were even multiple seasons where the Clippers only had an average gate attendance of 5,000 people.

While the Lakers celebrated their 16th championship in 2010, it was also evident that the Clippers were rebuilding. The addition of Chris Paul and the emergence of Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan brought life to Clipper fans thus creating their moniker "Lob City".

The greatest Laker in history

Kobe Bryant, who is the face of the franchise and arguably the greatest Laker of all time tried to will his team on but father time is unbeatable.

With multiple injuries and locker room issues, especially with Dwight Howard, the Lakers fell down to the ranks. On the other hand, the Clippers blossomed and have gone to the playoffs six times in the last seven years. Unfortunately, the "Lob City" project didn´t last as egos collided in the Clippers locker room.

LeBron's Lakers and Doc´s Clippers

Today, we are seeing a new rivalry as LeBron´s arrival in the Lakers looks to take over Los Angeles. As good as advertised, the purple and gold team is now showing a glimpse of the future. Currently, they are the 7th seed in the Western Conference but they can do better, especially when they have The King on their side. They might not have a high calibre player like LeBron but the Clippers are striving. Through multiple efforts and pristine teamwork, they have surprised the NBA. They have five players who are averaging double figures in points and they have two lockdown defenders in the backcourt, namely Avery Bradley and Patrick Beverly. The Clippers are better than the Lakers right now in terms of the standings, but they are only one game behind. Hopefully, this two team will meet in the playoffs as this is the only way to settle their rivalry.