Well, as seen last week on Monday Night Raw, Alexa Bliss will lead the Raw Brand to the traditional 5-on-5 Tag Team Traditional Survivor Series match. With that said, Bliss will be missing her second pay-per-view event twice in a row as a competitor. "WWE" Universe is still puzzled about what she is enduring, but it might be part of the concussion protocol of "WWE." It is no secret that the “Five Feet of Fury” is one of the biggest draws in the WWE. In a way, the company could just be protecting their biggest star and one of their assets.

The Goddess of 'WWE'

Regarding the rumours about her having backstage issues, we can all scrap that idea. Alexa seems happy with her current position in "WWE" and once she is cleared to compete, it’s almost guaranteed that she will reclaim her rightful throne. The Women’s division is ruled by Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey and Smackdown Champion Becky Lynch. However, there is no doubt that Bliss is on top of them all. The innate ability to make the crowd hate her is what makes the multiple time champion great. Her mic skills are second to none and her charisma is on another plateau.

Diva of the Decade vs Five Feet of Fury

Although some wrestling experts believe that her wrestling skill isn’t the best, she does have a sequence of moves that is far better than veteran wrestlers.

Alexa Bliss’ once in a lifetime match against Trish Stratus was pulled abruptly due to her concussion, Comic Book noted, but it would have been a historical match. Both exude an engaging personality which is a must, especially for a huge crowd. WWE Universe is still hoping to see this match considering the way the Hall Of Famer, Trish Stratus moves during her last match at “WWE Evolution”.

Champion vs Champion

According to Wrestle Report, there’s a strong possibility that Alexa will insert herself into the match during the Survivor Series. People might forget, but there’s a reason why she is called the “Wicked Witch” of "WWE." A lot of casual fans might hate her for her dirty tactics, but then again, it is all part of the game.

This is also the same reason why “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair and “The Cerebral Assassin” Triple H are very successful with their careers. The complete lineup for Raw Team isn’t decided yet, but there could be some plenty of surprises along the way. Also, the build-up for Champion vs Champion has already started for Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch. The Irish Lasskicker says she is “the man” on their division, but the former UFC Women’s Champion says otherwise.