The story that sent shockwaves into the world of sports entertainment is still hard to digest. Roman Reigns, the WWE Universal Champion is now dealing with a life-changing illness. Throughout his career, Roman is represented as a real-life Superman which the WWE Universe adores, especially the young audience. The multiple champion has the innate ability to bounce back from injuries, but this might be the hardest.

Roman Empire on hold

Leati Joseph Anoa’i or most commonly known as Roman Reigns started his segment apologising to the fans saying when he said he would be with them 24/7 it was all a lie.

Fans were puzzled by that statement until Roman dropped the biggest announcement in his career. Apparently, Roman has been living with leukaemia for 11 years. The WWE Universe was absolutely stunned by his revelation. The crowd was in complete silence as they don’t know if it was part of the script or a real-life concern until he relinquished his Universal title.

Roman was visibly shaken while delivering his sad news, but he was in good spirits. He reiterated the importance of the fans throughout his career. Regardless if he was booed or cheered on, Roman Reigns exemplifies what a WWE superstar is all about. Prior to leaving the squared circle, he promised the crowd he will be back better and stronger.

Reigns were then met with his Shield brothers, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. The trio shared an emotional hug, which led to the crowd uproar.

Monday Night Raw then went to a commercial break and as seen on the exclusive video by WWE, the entire locker room was bewildered. Triple H, who is also the COO of WWE shared some words with Roman and the same goes with Shawn Michaels.

Paul Heyman, who is arguably the greatest heel manager also broke character when he hugged Roman telling him that he is not alone. His nemesis, Braun Strowman also echoed what Heyman told him which was very surprising considering the issues that they’ve had in the past. Reigns were then mugged by the Raw locker room wishing him good luck on his battle with leukaemia.

Reigns' plan for the future

A few hours ago, Roman (Joe in real life), posted his very first message after making the announcement. He then again praised the WWE Universe for the overwhelming support that he is receiving. His goal right now is very simple; first, to enjoy his time with his family since he is almost on the road throughout the year. Second, to focus on his physical health. It was also reported that WWE CEO Vince McMahon is keen on helping Reigns and his team is also in the process of checking each and every option to make sure that their crown jewel is okay.