Carmelo Anthony, one of the greatest offensive juggernauts in league history might be out of time already. The multiple All-Star is past his prime and a myriad of basketball analysts are calling him out. Fans and players alike are accustomed to seeing Carmelo destroy his opponents with an array of offensive moves, however, father time is undefeated and as great as he was, he needs adjustment.

Rockets Achilles heels

The Houston Rockets is regarded as the team capable of dethroning Golden State Warriors prior to the start of the season. By adding a future Hall of Famer, Carmelo Anthony, it’s almost guaranteed that they are destined for greatness.

With Chris Paul as their floor general and James Harden as their main weapon, Carmelo seems to be the missing piece of the puzzle. Until we saw their first 10 games and it is disastrous. Right now, instead of solving their problem which is defence, Carmelo is being used as the scapegoat of the Rockets. Yes, Melo’s defence isn’t the best, but as of now, he is the target.

There’s a strong possibility that Melo might be wearing a new uniform this season. His current stint with the Rockets didn’t only diminish his value, but it tarnishes his illustrious career. There are a few teams who could use his services. Charles Barkley said it best during one of their segments on “Open Court”. NBA teams need a veteran presence regardless if they were a bench player or star player.

Melo’s 15 years experience in the league is something to marvel at. With that said, here are a few teams that Melo can go to.

Celtics, Spurs and Warriors on the Mix

After their game with the Portland Trail Blazers, Kyrie Irving dropped a hint about them needing a veteran. Kyrie was firm about his statement and Melo will be a great addition to the Celtics if it happens.

The Celtics are also in a slump right now, however, they aren't in panic mode. Brad Stevens could use Melo as a decoy especially in clutch moments. Although his efficiency decreased, he is still capable of lighting it up, the same thing he did against the Brooklyn Nets this year.

Some Spurs fans might disagree, but adding Carmelo on their team solves their issue regarding their offence.

The Spurs have one of the greatest coaches in NBA history in Gregg Popovich and he’ll be able to utilise Melo like no other coach in the league. Some former players believe that in order for Melo to cement his legacy, he needs to join the defending champions, Golden State Warriors.