In order for the LA Lakers to be a contender, they still need major movements to improve their roster. Yes, they have the right balance of players, but it is not enough. To be fair, they have a respectable standing right now considering that they are in the Western Conference. However, knowing Magic Johnson and the connection that the Laker franchise has, it’s almost guaranteed that another piece of their championship puzzle is about to go to Lala land.

The King and his Knights

As expected, LeBron James is showing why he is one of the greats. Not only has he elevated his teammates' game, he's also provided life with arguably the most storied franchise in the NBA.

The King wants to reclaim his throne, but he needs help. Surprisingly, the youngbloods of Lakers are providing The King and their team the support they desperately need. Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart are spearheading their offence while second-year player Lonzo Ball is doing it on the defensive end. However, like The King, consistency and composure is their problem. During their first 16 games, how many times have we seen LeBron and his crew crumble? Although he is the leader, The King is also questionable what his tantrums during the game.

The Marksman and the Gritty Veteran

With that said, here are some players that will likely sign with the Lakers. Kyle Korver, a former teammate of LeBron James and one of the greatest marksmen the league has ever seen will soon wear the purple and gold.

He is still playing in Cleveland right now, but he is already considering “buyout” of his contract. Lakers need a deadly shooter that can stretch the floor and Korver is the right guy for them. Next is former All-Star Zach Randolph. His case is a little bit tricky, but Lakers will do anything to get him. Z-Bo is the embodiment of grit and grind and that's what is missing with the Lakers.

Former Laker eyeing his return

Lastly, versatile small forward and former Laker, Trevor Ariza are nearing his return in the Staples Center. The 14-year veteran is still playing at a high level and he displayed last year, during the playoffs that he is still capable of playing especially in those big moments. Also, let us not forget, James Jones is currently the Interim General Manager of the Phoenix Suns.

For those who aren’t familiar, James Jones is one of LeBron’s cliques. So getting Ariza would not be an issue, the same thing that they did to Tyson Chandler. Hopefully, they will be able to get these players but it is also a must that they need to unload some of their players.