The Golden State Warriors are facing another problem as the tension between their key players' arose during the Clippers-Warriors game. Dubs are already missing their point guard Steph Curry due to injury and things are getting chippy in their locker room. Draymond Green is considered by many as the heart and soul of the Golden State Warriors, however, there are times that he went over the line and yesterday was a prime example.

Trouble in paradise

During their game against the Clippers, the Warriors had a chance to win but it didn’t happen. Draymond Green was able to secure the rebound but instead of giving the ball to Kevin Durant, who is widely deemed as one of the greatest clutch shooters in history, Draymond decided to drive to the basket.

The former Michigan State Spartan standout lost his balance, causing him to turn the ball over. Durant was visibly upset about the last sequence and Draymond was furious about Durant. The friction between them continued as they went to their bench.

Draymond kept on yapping on Durant and based on the video, they were about to throw some punches until DeMarcus Cousins stepped in. Klay Thompson, who was in the middle of their verbal tussle didn’t provide any details between the two, however, he did say that things go out of hand from time to time which is normal, especially that both players are ultra competitive. Apparently, Draymond used a disparaging term that made Durant furious. Draymond continued by attacking Durant and his looming free-agency contract this summer.

Durant’s contract

After the game, the media tried to get an answer from Durant, but he stated that he won’t give any headlines to the media. When he was asked about the real score between him and Draymond, he mentioned that it’s a long season and he is positive that everything will work out fine. As reported by various sports media, Green was suspended for one game of which fees includes a hefty amount of the fine.

Now, this is very alarming especially if you are a Warriors fan, it also affects the image of their front office and Kevin Durant.

While they are trying to patch up their long list of issues, other teams are now eager to face the Warriors. Multiple GM’s and players see this as an opportune time to exploit the crack in the Warriors dynasty. Also, this issue might be one of the reasons why Kevin Durant will not resign with GSW next year. The most likely team that would sign him will be the Boston Celtics and the LA Lakers.