The life of an athlete is never easy. Regardless whether you're the superstar of the team or not, there’s no guarantee of staying in one team. Unfortunately, this is the sad facts that these athletes endure every single season. In this case, a lot of big names are involved, including New Orleans Pelicans franchise player, Anthony Davis. Also, the struggling Washington Wizards are looking to trade one of their All Stars which is a big gamble as basketball analysts state.

Time to let go The Brow

There are a variety of reasons why a lot of players are being traded or shipped to another team.

Probably the biggest reason is the team's win-loss record. It is no secret that if a player is tagged as the franchise player, he should rally his team to a reputable record. Anthony Davis has been a candidate for Most Valuable Player for four straight years already. The former Kentucky Wildcat standout is doing his best to lead his team, but it was also evident in the past that he can’t do it alone.

As reported the other day from multiple sports shows such as ESPN First take and Bleacher Report, Davis is disgruntled with his current situation in the “Big Easy”. The Brow threw a jab by stating that if they win it’s all because of team chemistry, but if they lose, the blame is always on him. The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers are rumoured to be the front-runners to acquire Davis but their trade packages are also very tricky.

No Love in Cleveland

Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers was shut down a few weeks ago without any warning from his team. The Cavaliers, who ruled the Eastern Conference for four years is now at the bottom of the rankings which is expected since LeBron left them. This should not be used as an excuse, however, since they still have a bunch of players who can post great numbers and win a few games.

But that is not the case right now, they’ve already fired their head coach Ty Lue and several players like Kevin Love and J.R Smith wants out of Eastern Ohio. Regarding their destination, there are plenty of teams that can use their services, but it is likely that they might reunite with LeBron.

Wizards are on the Wall

Going to the nation's capital, the Washington Wizards are now considered as a disgrace and abomination by Stephen A.

Smith. Prior to the season starting, this team was expected to be at least on the top four teams in the east. Basketball is indeed a team game, but it needs a great leader to run it. John Wall is an excellent player, but based on the first 10 games, he is losing grip on his squad. There are rumours he and his back-court mate, Bradley Beal, don’t get along. Wall just signed a massive contract with the Wizards but between him and Beal, he might be traded first.

Luck of the Irish

Terry Rozier isn’t an All Star player, but he has a chance of doing it. Shams Charania of “The Athletic” reported that several teams are interested in him. This was expected due to his emergence and Kyrie Irving returns to the team.

Rozier had an outstanding playoff, which earned him the nickname ‘Scary Terry' and led him to a shoe contract with Puma. Among the teams who are interested in getting Rozier is the lowly Phoenix Suns and Cleveland Cavaliers. However, the Boston Celtics aren't ready to let go their backup point guard yet.