It has been many years since the Premier League teams have felt the protagonist in the Champions League. Apart from Liverpool, who brilliantly reached the final of the last edition, since the triumph of Chelsea in 2012, there have been many disappointments for teams such as Manchester United, Manchester City or Arsenal.

Certainly, it seems to far away when at least one English team was usually arriving at the final, as it happened every year from 2005 until 2009. But in the last five years, only Barcelona and Real Madrid have won the trophy, and indeed the latter are the main rivals considering that they have lifted it during three years in a row.

Even though they have lost Cristiano Ronaldo and Zidane, perhaps the two most important characters in the club history among Di Stefano and Gento, Real Madrid have shown a special mystic in their favorite competition, and the last time that they didn't reach at least the semifinals was in 2010.

Manchester United welcoming Cristiano Ronaldo

The Red Devils will face a tough group with Valencia and especially Juventus, who is now led by Cristiano Ronaldo, a player who won many trophies playing with Manchester United, and a Champions League as the best of them.

It will be in the third matchday when the Portuguese will arrive at Old Trafford, where surely he will be received as he deserves after so many years playing excellently among the elite.

In fact, he was highly clapped for the home supporters when he played there with Real Madrid during the Champions League of 2013.

Inevitably, he was the hero of the draw after scoring in both matches in a draw narrowly won by the Spanish team. Clearly, he is the main protagonist of the group H, but firstly, Manchester United shall win against Young Boys to not hampering their chances to go through the next round.

Liverpool and Tottenham face a hard test

After reaching a final and signing many players in order to strengthen their squad, Klopp's team looks clearly better, and they have won their first five matches of the Premier League. However, they will play tonight against PSG. Theoretically, one of the best squads of the continent and yet heir constant failures in the last years are menacing to fade their hopes on winning a Champions League.

It shouldn't be like this with a team formed by Neymar, Mbappé or Cavani, but still, they have not even reached a semifinal. Casually, Manchester City has also been signing many players during the last decade, and despite their valuable seasons in the Premier League, the story in Europe has been much less successful.

On the other hand, Tottenham Hotspur finished above Real Madrid and Dortmund in the group of the last year edition, nonetheless, they went out in the next round when they faced Juventus despite being dominating the most part of the draw. But once again, the Premier League will look for the lost crown in the best of the competitions.