Rugby League Challenge Cup Final fans face a problem getting to Wembley Stadium. Bank holiday traffic chaos got worse after police closed the M6. According to Express UK, Highways England report people need to move off the M6 via slipways. They added that there are "major delays southbound between the J11 and J10 for sporting fans heading to Wembley stadium."

The Traffic delays UK website notes that traffic on the M6 southbound between junctions J11 and J10 is congested and that people should expect a delay of an hour. On the northbound lanes, the same delays can be expected.

Highways England posted up photos and a traffic warning for rugby fans.

Motorway Cameras show a broken down vehicle

Motorway Cameras on Twitter showed an image that suggests the congestion was caused by a broken down vehicle. If you're looking to get to the rugby game, they update on Twitter every five minutes. But in the meantime, it's best to find an alternative route to the stadium.

To make sure you get to Wembley Stadium for the Rugby League Challenge Cup Final, it is better to try another route, like the M5, M40 and M1.

Getting to watch the Rugby League Challenge Cup Final could be a challenge

Given traffic conditions, many fans may struggle to get to watch the Rugby League Challenge Cup Final if the congestion doesn't ease up soon. However, BBC 1 and BBC Sport will cover the game live from 2,00 pm (BST) in the United Kingdom. Tech Advisor UK notes that it's going to be a bit harder to watch the game live if you are not in the UK.

But, you won't have the hassle of finding alternate routes to Wembley Stadium. According to them, using a VPN service is probably the best way to stream the game. They recommend the NordVPN service, especially if you want the commentary in English.

Cataland will go head to head against Warrington

The Catalans Dragons will go head to head against Warrington Wolves and it's tipped to be an exciting fixture. Local fans will be rooting for the UK team in what could a hostile environment for the French. The Catalans will be determined to try and take the Ladbrokes Challenge Cup from a UK team for the first time. The Guardian quoted Steve McNamara, (former England coach), as warning rugby fans not to "underestimate the enormity of this weekend...It would be brilliant for French rugby league – and I think it would draw serious headlines in England, too."

If you have the opportunity to watch the game live in Wembley Stadium, be vigilant and check the traffic updates to make sure you don't miss what could be an historic game in Rugby League.