The rumour about The Silent Assassin having some issue with the Spurs management shocked the basketball world. It was un-Spurs-like, to say the least, as even the basketball experts were caught off-guard with the news. There are a couple of reasons on why Kawhi and his camp was hesitant to do business with the Spurs.

The reason for the recent turmoil

First, Kahwi Leonard, or specifically his uncle, doesn’t seem to trust the decision that was made by their physicians. It is also the main reason why Kawhi was spotted in the Big Apple to get a second opinion from other physicians.

Leonard who is widely considered as a physical specimen like LeBron is somehow dealing with a more serious injury than what was initially reported. He did play 9 games and although he displayed decent numbers, he doesn’t look like The Silent Assassin that the NBA is accustomed to seeing.

Second, there was speculation that money is a factor on why Kawhi hasn’t shown up in the Spurs facility. Last week, ESPN, Bleacher Report and NBA TV reported about the sneaker deal that Kawhi and his camp was trying to complete. However, they refuse to agree with what was initially offered by Jordan brand thus affecting his relationship with the company. There is still no word if Kawhi himself was spearheading the shoe deal or if his uncle is again leading the charge.

Kawhi Leonard not yet ready to come back

Earlier today, Kawhi Leonard finally spoke with the media and for the first time, all of the questions were clarified and answered in his 4 minutes interview. He was first asked about his return date, The Klaw stated that he’ll be back soon but he won’t be joining the road trip. That means that the speculations about him joining the team against the Warriors won’t likely happen.

Kawhi also described the procedures and steps that he is dealing with his injury and they are very critical on every movement to make sure that his right quadriceps is not aggravated.

The Klaw is Spurs for life

The Klaw elaborated his current relationship with the team especially with Coach Gregg Popovich. The former finals MVP stated that he talks to Coach Pop every day and every decision that was made is done by the group.

As for the Spurs front office, they know and understand what he is going through right now and he has their support throughout the process. Lastly, when he was asked about him finishing his career with San Antonio Spurs, Kawhi answered in an instant stating “for sure!”.